About Our Shop


The run down

Shantis La'Chon is an online fashion and cosmetic one stop shop! Whether it be for the conservatively cute or the boldly beautiful, we offer a little something for every aspiring fashionista. We believe that "Being You Is Always On Trend". Our goal is to provide you with the pieces needed to best showcase your very own unique taste! All of our cosmetics are specially handmade and 100% Cruelty free.

about the owner

 Shantis La 'Chon was founded by Fashion College Student, Shavanti Dunn, in 2016. She began Shantis La' Chon in a effort to share her unique take on style with others through selling clothing and her very own handmade line of Lipstick to women around the world. Shavanti aims to encourage women to wear what they want, how they want! She is an advocate of being 100% YOU and embracing individuality and God given beauty both inside and out.